Mark Antony Chronology

Mark Antony Chronology
  • 83 BC: Antony’s birth
  • 71 BC: Death of Antony’s father
  • 63 BC: Catilinarian Conspiracy; death of Antony’s step father
  • 60 BC: First Triumvirate
  • 59 BC: Caesar consul
  • 58 BC: Caesar begins Gallic Wars; Antony studies in Greece, takes command of cavalry under Aulus Gabinius
  • 57 BC: Pompey controls Rome; Antony fights in Palestine; Cicero recalled to Rome and Arabia
  • 56 BC: Triumvirs’ conference at Luca; Antony fights in Egypt
  • 55 BC: Pompey and Crassus consuls; Antony fights in Syria
  • 54 BC: Antony joins Caesar in Gaul; Clodius-Milo riots in Rome
  • 53 BC: Antony campaigns for quaestorship in Rome; Death of Crassus in Parthia
  • 52 BC: Antony quaestor; Clodius murdered; Pompey sole consul; Revolt of Vercingetorix
  • 51 BC: Gallic Revolts quieted
  • 50 BC: Antony elected augur and tribune
  • 49 BC: Caesar crosses the Rubicon; civil war; Antony tribune and propraetor, Caesar’s commander in Italy; Pompey gathers eastern army
  • 48 BC: Campaign at Brundisium; Caesar, then Antony cross to Dyrrhachium; battle of Pharsalus
  • 47 BC: Caesar dictator; Antony Master of the Horse in Italy; Caesar fights in Egypt and installs Cleopatra as queen of Egypt
  • 46 BC: Caesar fights in Africa and Spain; Antony in charge in Italy, loses Caesar’s favor, marries Fulvia
  • 45 BC: Caesar’s reforms in Rome; Antony reconciled with Caesar, named flamen dialis; Caesar prepares Parthian campaign
  • 44 BC: Ides of March; Antony seizes control, holds consulship, named imperator and divi Julii, besieges Decimus Brutus at Mutina; Octavian arrives in Rome as heir to Caesar; Cicero delivers four Philippics; Cassius and Brutus go east to build republican army
  • 43 BC: Antony defeated at Mutina by Octavian and the consuls, retreats to Gaul; Octavian seizes Rome; Second Triumvirate; prescriptions; death of Cicero; Republicans raise forces and money; Brutus takes Macedonia
  • 42 BC: Lepidus consul; Sextus Pompey increases power; Antony wins battle of Philippi; takes charge of settling the east
  • 41 BC: Octavian’s power challenged by Antony’s brother and wife; siege of Perusia; Antony settles affairs in Asia and Greece; joins Cleopatra in Egypt
  • 40 BC: Fall of Perusia; death of Fulvia; Octavian takes Gaul; Pact of Brundisium; Antony marries Octavia; makes last visit to Rome; Parthians overrun Syria
  • 39 BC: Treaty of Misenum: Antony, Octavian, Sextus Pompey; Ventidius defeats Parthians; Herod king of Palestine
  • 38 BC: Antony nominal consul; Pompey extends dominion against Octavian; Antony besieges Samosata; from Athens and Syria prepares for war against Parthia
  • 37 BC: Pact of Tarentum: renewal of triumvirate; Antony continues preparations against Parthia
  • 36 BC: Octavian defeats Pompey at Naulochus; Lepidus demoted; Antony invades Parthia, retreats; marries Cleopatra
  • 35 BC: Octavian restores order and prosperity in Rome; Sextus Pompey killed; Antony in Egypt
  • 34 BC: Antony nominal consul; Octavian subdues Dalmatia; Antony conquers Armenia; Donations of Alexandria
  • 33 BC: Octavian consul; readying for war; Peace with Media; Antony and Cleopatra prepare for war
  • 32 BC: Antony’s will revealed; Octavian declares war on Cleopatra; Octavia divorced; Antony and Cleopatra move to Greece, assemble army and navy
  • 31 BC: Maecenas in charge in Italy; Antony consul for the third time; Battle of Actium
  • 30 BC: Last battles at Alexandria; Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide

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